Beehive Spring Kits, 0.610" & 0.660" Lift for Various Harley-Davidson® Applications

By taking advantage of the latest development in valve spring wire chemistry and manufacturing techniques, KPMI® has developed ovate wire Beehive style springs that will live and perform at a high level in Harley Davidson® applications. By coupling these developments with strict KPMI® design protocols and employing multiple design, simulation, and FEA analysis software, we were we able to overcome the torsional stresses unique to ovate wire springs that previously severely limited their operating parameters. This was critical, as there are nearly 100 camshaft part numbers available for these applications. KPMI® Beehive Springs are progressively wound using Kobe Super-Clean chrome silicon based wire that is heat treated and shot peened. KPMI® uses its tightly toleranced, FEA designed hardened steel retainers in these applications to insure correct assembly height and resist keeper pull through. The hardened steel basewashers included in these kits are designed to locate the spring and control lateral movement.


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Harley-Davidson® Evolution 1984-1999 

Harley-Davidson® Evo Sportster 883cc 1986-2003

Harley-Davidson® Evo Sportster 833cc 2004-2017

Harley-Davidson® XL 1100cc 1986-1987

​Harley-Davidson® Evo Sportster 1200cc 1986-2003
Harley-Davidson® Evo Sportster 1200cc 2004-2017

Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam 88" 1999-2004

Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam 88"-103"2005-2017

Harley-Davidson® Buell XB9 2003-2007

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Guides, Cast Iron for Suzuki® GSX-1300R™ Hayabusa™ 1999-2017

•  Excellent Durability
•  Undersized Bores
•  Tight Tolerances

•  Ground O.D 's

•  Designed for Flow

•  Low Surface-RMS

After chemically separating several samples of cast iron material, and analyzing and evaluating the test data, we decided to have our own specification of cast iron made exclusively for us. We specify elements such as carbon, silicon, manganese, nickel, chromium, copper and sulfur to produce a highly pearlitic structure with dense fine grains, and excellent wear resistance.

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Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa 1999-2017 Section

High Chrome Seats 

•  18-22% Chromium for resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and deformation
•  1-2% Nickel content, which lends to corrosion-resistance and toughness
•  Machined from solid bar stock and ground to exacting tolerances
•  The alternative to Powder Metal
•  Machines as a continuous chip
•  Use KPMI® “High Chromium Seats” for your next gasoline or diesel engine rebuild

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Tools and Components Section.

Compression Release Valves

•  KPMI® Compression Release valves are state of the art and priced competitively
•  Designed to reduce “hot start” issues and starter / battery loads
•  5-7 Newtons of closing force resistance, for high demand applications
•  Custom molded knobs ensure a cool touch and easy operation
•  Embossed with the KPMI® brand to ensure product quality

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Tools and Components Section.

Blank Guides, Manganese Bronze

The Manganese blank guides are designed with large OD’s and long lengths to allow maximum versatility and can be machined to fit a large variety of applications. The Manganese material is easily reamed, and then can be delicately finished with our high quality ball hones. These blank guides are a perfect choice for repair work or machining a custom guide for hard to find applications.

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Lightweight Racing Spring Kits with New H.T. Steel Retainers for Yamaha® YXZ / Triples Various Applications

•  High-Performance Spring Kit
•  H.T. Tool Steel Retainers
•  Your Titanium Retainer Alternative

KPMI® performance valve spring kits are modeled using cam profile and simulation software. By utilizing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, it was possible to take advantage of the increased strength and wear resistance of a heat treated steel retainer, while reducing its mass to within grams of a comparable titanium retainer.

Kit Includes:
•  Springs, H.T. Steel Retainers, and H.T. Steel Basewashers

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Yamaha® YXZ 1000T 2016-2017 

Yamaha® Various 1049cc Triples 2008-2015