Custom Work / 1969 Ferrari 312 Formula 1 Engine 

A drop gauge is used to verify the new keeper and retainer combination will install at the correct height, ensure proper spring seat pressure.

After the manufacturing drawings are approved, the valves are machined to spec on one of our manual lathes, and the new retainer and basewasher are programmed and set up in one of our CNC lathe cells.

The new designs are discussed with the customer to ensure all of their requirements are being met.

A customer just dropped off samples valves, retainers, and basewashers from a 1969 Ferrari 312 Formula 1 engine to be custom manufactured. Our custom work engineer Clint Lafferty, reverse engineered the components for reference in the redesign process.

Using one of our optical comparators, we are able to precisely measure critical features of these samples.