Valve Guide Installation & Removal Tools for Suzuki® GSX-1300R™ Hayabusa™ 1999-2017

•  Machined to properly fit KPMI® Hayabusa valve guide designs
•  Extra-long handles provide ergonomically grooved gripping area and the ability to work in tough to reach situations
   Guide installation tool is designed to register on uniquely designed seal relief minimizing guide deformation on the seal       end, ensuring proper height above the head without guess and check measuring as seen in Figure (1)
•  Guide removal tool allows the user to drive any 5mm guide with a 10mm outer diameter through lengthy guide bores

   thanks to its added length below the gripping area shown in Figure (2)
•  Driver material is a high strength bronze purposefully selected for its shock absorption capabilities allowing for             

   comfortable use as well as compatibility with cast and bronze guides


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Solid Carbide Reamers

•  KPMI® solid carbide reamers provide long life and repeatability
•  Solid carbide, 6-flute design, share the chip load and ease the sizing operation
•  Extra-long-pilots for stability and alignment 
•  Ideal for: Manganese Bronze or Cast Iron
•  The KPMI® reamer diameters offered, provide recommended and optimum valve-guide-clearances

KPMI® Carbide valve guide reamers are manufactured from Solid Carbide and then heat treated and ground. All KPMI® reamers are ground to: +/- .0002”.  KPMI® carbide reamers are straight-flute and have a 6-flute design. The pilot portion of KPMI® reamers are 1.0” to 1.5” long.  Insert the pilot into a guide that you intend to size.  Using a hand held drill, apply honing oil or ATF before and during reaming a guide.  KPMI® reamers have been specifically designed for Manganese Bronze valve guides and Cast Iron. Do not attempt to use these reamers to size C630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze guides.  Also, once a reamer is used on Cast Iron, it’s not advisable to then use it on a bronze guide.


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High Performance Pushrods  for Various BSA® Applications

•  KPMI® Pushrods are designed with thin-wall Chrome Moly tube for increased stiffness over O.E.M.
•  Male and female endpieces are made from hardened steel and offer increased wear resistance
•  Blank Pushrod Kits come with one female endpiece pressed into the body and loose endpieces specified in the kit
•  Custom length pushrods available upon request

Note: Blank Pushrod kits (sets of 2 and 4) can be machined to desired length and assembled by KPMI® for a flat fee of $120.00. Orders can be placed by using the Custom BSA® Pushrod Order Form found on our website at


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BSA® A50 1966-1970

BSA® A65 1971-1972

BSA® B25 1968-1971

BSA® B44 RB 1967-Earlier

BSA® B44-SqB 1968-1970

BSA® B50 1971-1973

O.E.M. Replacement Tensilite® Titanium Valves for Husqvarna® & KTM® Various 450's 2013-2018 

•  Dimensionally identical to O.E.M. valves while offering many advantages
•  One piece forged Titanium alloy offers uninterrupted grain flow
•  Superior tensile strength and stability at and above operating temperatures
•  Every surface either fully CNC machined or precision ground
•  Super-finished stem allowing for Formula 1 level coating consistency
•  100% Chromium Nitride (CrN) PVD coated
•  Material and workmanship that provide outstanding durability and performance
•  Competitive pricing allowing for a value conscious rebuild


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Husqvarna® Various 450's 2014-2018
KTM​® Various 450's 2013-2018 ​​

Figure 1             Figure 2

Lightweight Racing Beehive Spring Kit and Components for Husqvarna® & KTM® Various 450's 2013-2018 

By taking advantage of the latest development in valve spring wire chemistry and manufacturing techniques, KPMI® has developed ovate wire Beehive style springs that will live and perform at a high level in Husqvarna® and KTM® applications. By coupling these developments with strict KPMI® design protocols and employing multiple design simulation and FEA analysis software, we were we able to overcome the torsional stresses unique to ovate wire springs that previously limited their operating parameters. KPMI® Beehive Springs are progressively wound using Kobe Super-Clean chrome silicon based wire that is heat treated and shot peened. KPMI® uses its tightly toleranced, FEA designed hardened Titanium retainers in these applications to ensure correct assembly height and resist keeper pull through. The hardened steel basewashers included in these kits are designed to locate the spring and control lateral movement.

We choose to use the copper based C63000 nickel-aluminum bronze as a material to make our bronze valve guides because of its ideal characteristics for the application. The 5% nickel content provides superior resistance to wear, and the approximately 80 percent copper content delivers outstanding heat conductivity. KPMI® guide profiles are designed to have minimal effect on the airstream while maintaining critical cross sectional thickness in high temperature areas, which promotes high performance and endurance.

All KPMI® Black Diamond™ Stainless steel valves are impregnated by a special German process to a depth of .002", with a surface build up of .0002". This Black Diamond process improves wear properties, reduces friction, and provides resistance to corrosion and wear that is superior to chrome and nickel electrolysis plating. Each valve is designed using Finite Element Analysis software, and profiles are tested on our computerized flow bench. Black Diamond Valves are lightweight, strong, one piece forgings with profiles that provide excellent flow characteristics.

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Husqvarna® Various 450's 2014-2018

KTM​® Various 450's 2013-2018 ​​