Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Inc. (KPMI®) is a 80 year old valvetrain manufacturing company supplying the Motorsport Industry and select OEM’s. We stock and distribute over 3,000 items to our customers around the world. No other company in the world has our product coverage for the motorsport industry. You will not find any other company in the world with such an extensive product line solely dedicated to the motorsport industry.

KPMI® not only manufactures ready-made parts, we also provide contract manufacturing for OEM and other parties. Our expert services include engineering, prototyping, and limited or full production runs.

Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Inc. was founded by James L. Kibblewhite in 1939. In 1989 the operation was taken over by William F. Kibblewhite, Jim’s son. William Kibblewhite took the solid foundation created by his father and dramatically expanded the product line to provide the vast coverage that it offers today.

KPMI® is known by its trademark and registered marks: Black Diamond™, White Diamond®, Tensilite®, Kibblewhite®, KPMI®, and Spin True® . Know that when you purchase products under these brands you are purchasing product that has been engineered by a company that’s been doing so for 80 years and 2 generations. This wealth of knowledge can be seen in the product detail, fitment, material choices, processes and the uniqueness in which all systems and components are expected to achieve the mechanical work they will be asked to do.

Kibblewhite® valvetrain and custom engineered components are second to none. KPMI® employs twenty six employees and fosters a work smart culture. The dedication of top notch employees (A-players) in Engineering and Customer Service is the reason why we are the industry leader in valvetrain development. Putting our customers first can be found in every element of product development and you will see that precision level of detail in every single package that is shipped out of our warehouses. This type of commitment is found in the class of employee, equipment, and investment in emerging technologies.

Kibblewhite® encompasses five locations and over 20,000 square feet of Machine Shop, Office, Engineering, and Warehouse space. KPMI® has spent the past five years aggressively updating our operations. Our complete facility has eleven of the latest model CNC lathes (2010 & later), CAD, CAM, and custom machining equipment. Our engineering department and machinists are ready and waiting to assist you with your custom requirements and drive our ongoing production of high performance valvetrain systems for 4-stroke engines.

Quality Control
It is our sole intent to provide our customers with product that works right the first time and gives maximum value for the dollar in terms of reliability and performance. None of our product achieves final approval without first traveling through a grueling development flow process. Final reviews require three engineering signatures and a signature from production. What this means is that there are three independent reviews following each and every product through all phases of development before the final review and production signature can be granted. I am very proud of what we do and of every single employee that has been hand selected to contribute to the success of KPMI®.

We measure our success by our satisfied customers and for this we are truly grateful. Without our loyal customers and their continued demand for consistent, high quality valvetrain and engineering services, we would not be the company that we are today. Because of this we thank each and every one of our customers and future customers.


William F. Kibblewhite
President and Owner