​Utilizing the advances in power, speed, and user interface of modern software, KPMI® employs an arsenal of

software programs to plan, design, simulate, fabricate and test all aspects of development and production.

KPMI® is eager to earn your next custom work project and invites you to contact our engineering department 

for whatever your needs may be.

Flow Test / 2003 Triumph Bonneville T100 Triumph Cylinder Head

As part of a development project, we have been retained to flow test the head with the intake and exhaust components, and different valve and seat configurations, to help him determine where further improvements may be made. 
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1958 Ferrari 412 MI Valves

The KPMI® Custom Work Department has produced replacement valves for the prestigious Ferrari 412 MI. By obtaining valve samples and the mating tappet adjusters, KPMI’s Engineering Team was able to create an improved set of stainless steel replacement valves. Read More


Experimental Research Engine Valves

KPMI® was tasked to create custom valves for an experimental research engine utilizing an alternative combustion process.  ​ 
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Laser Measurement, The OASIS Core

Laser Measurement has landed here at KPMI®!

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Terra Nova Robotics Rapid Prototype Part

KPMI® has offered its services to the Terra Nova High School Robotics Team as part of an educational sponsorship program.  The team’s latest challenge involved launching a Wiffle ball up a 3 foot tube.   
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Custom Work / 1969 Ferrari 312 Formula 1 Engine 

A customer just dropped off samples valves, retainers, and basewashers from a 1969 Ferrari 312 Formula 1 engine to be custom manufactured. Our custom work engineer Clint Lafferty, reverse engineered the components for reference in the redesign process.

​Using one of our optical comparators, we are able to precisely measure critical features of these samples. Read More


Custom Work / 1930’s Bugatti Type 51 Rebuild

Job Overview:  Customer, Phil Reilly Auto Restoration, needed valves and guides for 1930’s Bugatti Type 51 rebuild.   
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