Comparison between stock guide bore and new 8mm guide bore. The combination of the Ni-Al Bronze guide and KPMI’s Black Diamond™ valve will give this vintage racer’s valvetrain a significant increase in durability.

Raw CAD:  Customer sample is received by KPMI® Engineering and converted into CAD format.  Key features are imported with resolution of ±.0001 in.  Design iterations can be rapidly tested and experimented with in this environment.

Two Guides/Two Guides Profile:  After confirming the final design with the customer, the manufactured appearance of the guides can be anticipated by applying material properties and performing a final render.

Job Overview:  Customer, Phil Reilly Auto Restoration, needed valves and guides for 1930’s Bugatti Type 51 rebuild.   


Customer’s Requests:  

​●  Convert from a 7.87mm stock valve to a standard 8mm valve, but leave keeper groove as stock so that OEM keepers could be used.  Adjust keeper

     groove location relative to valve tip

​●  Convert from a cast guide to a high quality bronze guide that fits new 8mm valves

Comparison between stock guide and finished KPMI® replacement guide. Guides for this model are not pressed into the head, and therefore must have the basewasher integrated into the design. This keeps the guides in place during operation. Special care was taken to ensure that the guides would both slide into the head without interference and fit tight enoughthat they could not move around during operation.

C630 Bronze was selected to replace the cast iron material of the sample guide. C630 has better thermal properties than the stock guides, and will work harden over time, extending guide life.

Custom Work / 1930’s Bugatti Type 51 Rebuild