• 20,000 sq ft production area
  • Machine Shop
  • Warehouse
  • Multiple work station for large- volume production

R&D Lab

  • Market reach to propose developing new Product
  • Reverse engineering
  • OEM part studies
  • Study and understand engine and valvetrain dynamics
  • Consult with other specialist
  • Metals research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Interface with software and specialized equipment

              Flow bench

              Simulations software


              Rapid prototyping

              Hardness tester

              Optical comparator

              Digital camera Microscope

              Various measuring devices

                      Spring tester



  • Packaging and labeling
  • Storage and shipping system 

2 Production Sites in Pacifica, CA. Over 20,000 square feet in CA. Founded and run by engineers, technical capabilities and innovative engineering solutions are the core of our business model. We specialize in designing and manufacturing motorcycle valvetrain components, high precision prototypes, tools and production parts.