If you are looking for custom performance valvetrain… you have come to the right place!

Now you can put Kibblewhite’s years of experience manufacturing valvetrain for the winners’ circle to work for you. Kibblewhite’s state of the art engineering department calls upon the latest technologies in valvetrain design and manufacture to allow us to deliver exactly what you need for your high performance applications.

Kibblewhite offers rapid prototyping services, one-offs, and short or full production runs. At Kibblewhite, we are standing by to put our experience and technology to work for you.

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8. Custom Kibblewhite Keepers 

Custom Keeper Design Options

Wide Variety of Styles

Kibblewhite offers radius bead, triple radius bead, and square bead steel keepers. See the Kibblewhite Keeper Section in back of catalog for full selection.

High Tensile Heat Treated Steel
Forged or single point machined.

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9. Custom Kibblewhite Tappets 

Custom Tappet Design Options

H.T. Steel Machined from Bar Stock
Machined from aircraft quality steel bar stock, then heat treated with Kibblewhite's proprietary heat treatment process to produce an exceptionally tough tappet. See the Kibblewhite Tappet Section in back of catalog for full selection.

​​1. Custom Kibblewhite Valves

Custom Valve Design Options

Stellite Tips for Rocker Applications
Stellite is welded to the valve tips in rocker actuated applications for resistance to the impact and abrasive wear common in rocker arm systems. This welded stellite can never come loose.

Valve Material

Black Diamond™
Kibblewhite Black Diamond™ one pieced forged stainless steel valves are impregnated by a special German process to improve wear properties and reduce friction. This process provides resistance to corrosion and wear that is superior to that of hard chromium and electrolysis nickel plating.

Kibblewhite Tensilite® titanium valves are one piece forgings made from 6AL4V or 6-2-4-2 titanium alloy. These are the latest developments in titanium valve alloys and have superior hardness, strength, and thermal characteristics when compared to other titanium valve alloys. Tensilite® valves are covered with a chromium nitride (CRN) PVD coating. This coating adheres exceptionally well to titanium, has a low coefficient of friction, and is impact, abrasion, and corrosion resistant.

White Diamond®
We fully CNC machine our Kibblewhite White Diamond® valves from a one-piece forging of either EV8 Stainless Steel or Inconel-751. These materials have proven heat and corrosion resistance properties and are hard chromed with a 360 degree anode to produce the highest possible grade of hard chrome finish.

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2. Custom Kibblewhite Valve Seats

Custom Seat Design Options

Custom Seat Material Options

Powdered metal seats
With the latest in powdered metal technology, KPMI’s R&D team was able to create a high density seat with exceptional wear resistance, resistance to micro welding, and good thermal qualities. This material is compatible with all types of fuel blends, resists corrosion and burning, and is machinable with standard tooling. See the Kibblewhite Seats Section in back of catalog for full selection.

Nickel aluminum bronze seats
The product of a two year KPMI R&D effort, this proprietary high copper, beryllium free bronze alloy is designed specifically for use with titanium valves in high performance applications. See the Kibblewhite Seats Section in back of catalog for full selection.

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3. Custom Kibblewhite Valve Guides

Custom Guide Design Options

Tight Tolerances
High concentricity tolerances are held to insure the best possible geometry between the seat and guide is maintained when the guides are replaced. This means minimal material removal from the seat, time savings, and consistent chamber volumes, when valve jobs are performed.

Custom Guide Material Options

C630 bronze guides
C630 is a blend of copper, nickel, and aluminum. The high copper content gives excellent thermal qualities, the nickel makes the guide tough and wear resistant, and the aluminum brings work hardening characteristics. This bronze alloy allows for tighter clearances than other materials, creating better valve and seat sealing, as well as superior oil control. The expansion qualities of C630 bronze make it especially compatible with aluminum cylinder heads.

Cast iron guides
KPMI R&D has produced a proprietary cast iron blend that thrives in the tough operating conditions of today’s engine. KPMI’s certified cast iron provides excellent wear resistance and a superior guide bore finish that is easy on valve stems.

​ Manganese guides
These Engine Builder valve guides have been designed with the price conscious builder in mind. Expect the same exacting KPMI® tolerances, but with a reduced toughness / wear-ability when compared to premium “C630” Nickel Aluminum Bronze valve guides. The softer Manganese guides are easily reamed, and then can be delicately finished with our high quality ball hones. Now, with any battery operated or electric drill you can ream and hone manganese valve guides in less time and in the absence of expensive honing equipment required to properly size “tough” Nickel Bronze guides

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4. Custom Kibblewhite Basewashers  

Custom Basewasher Design Options

Tight Tolerances for Precise Fit
Manufactured to tolerances that allow no excessive lateral movement. Correct fitment promotes longer component life and optimizes performance of the entire valve train. See the Kibblewhite Components Section in back of catalog for full selection.

Heat Treatment  Steel
KPMI's proprietary heat treatment process creates a hard outer shell with a non-brittle core, resisting wear and maximizing toughness.

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5. Custom Kibblewhite Springs 

Custom Spring Design

Advanced Spring Design
Springs are engineered for each specific application using proprietary advanced spring design, simulation, and analysis software. Engineers pay special attention to cam and spring harmonics, stress, mass, and operating rpm.

Premium Grade, Ground Chrome Silicon Wire
X-Rayed at regular intervals to check for inclusions, heat treated, and shot peened. Insuring maximum spring life.

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6. Custom Kibblewhite Retainers 

Custom Retainer Design

Tight Tolerance for Precise Fit

Kibblewhite Engineers specify tight tolerances that allow no excessive lateral movement. Correct fitment promotes longer component life and optimizes performance of the entire valve train. Heat treated steel retainers.

Custom Retainer Material Options
Heat Treated Steel Retainers

Kibblewhite's proprietary heat treatment process creates a hard outer shell with a non-brittle core, resisting wear and maximizing toughness.

Titanium Retainers
To further reduce reciprocating mass, Kibblewhite offers titanium retainers as an alternative to steel.

Titanium Retainers With High Performance Coating
Titanium retainer with CrN coating for high performance applications, to decrease friction and improve wear.

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7. Custom Kibblewhite Seals 

Custom Seal Design

High Operating Temperature
Kibblewhite Viton® seals operate at a higher temperature than other seal materials. See the Kibblewhite Seals Section in back of catalog for full selection.

Chemical Resistance
Viton® seals are resistant to petroleum products, and by-products of combustion. Retaining pliability in situations where other materials would become hard and lose their sealing capability.

Available Seal Styles