From Motosport.com - Outlasts any other brand - 2012

These valves are great. When first installed they have around a 5 hr break in period. After the valves settle and seat they are by far the best valves i have ever installed. I installed them in my 05 CRF 450 that has many motor mods because i kept stretching titanium valves. There is no power difference what so ever and with 20 hours on the new valves they have not stretched even .001 inch. GREAT PRODUCT!

From sohc4.net - 09-17-2012

I don't know anything about the specific parts you're talking about but in general, Kibblewhite offers stuff built to a higher quality standard than most riders will ever need.

From Crfsonly.com - 08-09-2012

There is no reason to buy a new head.

You have to match the head seats to the valves anyway; the steel valves, which are larger, won't fit the stock seats.

Just send the head out to a head shop, request the Kibblewhite valve upgrade, and be done with it.

From DWMS Racing - 06-18-2012

Hello, We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for offering superior products for professionals such as ourselves to utilize, DWMS Racing will continue to use Kibblewhite products exclusively for all of our future restorations and custom builds!

From Tiger Racing - 06-14-2012

Rick Ward chose to use Black Diamond Valves from Kibblewhite Precision Machining. The boys at Kibblewhite make some of the finest valves and valve train components in the world and it shows by how many builders use their components in every head they assemble. All KPMI Black Diamond Stainless Steel Valves are impregnated by a special German process to .002" deep with a .0002" surface build-up to improve wear properties and reduce friction. This process provides resistance to corrosion and wear that is superior to that developed by hard chromium and electrolysis nickel plating. These valves are light and the profiles provide excellent flow characteristics which is the very reason why Ward Performance uses these valves.

From Crfsonly.com - 05-15-2012

The main thing when buying a new head with Kibblewhite valves is to make sure you are not only getting all Kibblewhite valves but also the Kibblewhite high performance spring kit. There are many out there who are offering these as a Kibblewhite head and yet will use cheap springs, steel retainers, etc. You won't get the same Kibblewhite longevity, reliability and performance without the Kibblewhite spring kit.

From suzukicentral.com - 05-04-2012

Yup. I've run KW in all my builds and never had any issues with premature wear. I've seen far too many stock valves destroy motors to even roll those dice.

From dirtbikeworld.net - 05-03-2012

I have the Kibblewhite valves in mine now and they haven't moved in 3 seasons of trail riding.

From crfsonly.com Forum - 05-02-2012

Hey everybody, haven't been on here for a while now but had a friend approach me to do a valve job for him. we opted for the kibble white intake kit for longevity and ordered a kibble white intake valve kit for 2008 CRF250R and got them in. on the package it says 2004-2009 CRF250R. is this correct?

the reason i ask is because i thought Honda made changes to their valves in 08. i tried also to check on kibble whites official web-page and they refer the same kit for 04-07 and 08-09 (item#30-31200) but under the description both kits spec an 04-07 intake valve! Question just wanted to ask anyone who has installed these valves whether they have any experience with this, thanks.

reply ---  ...on the 250R honda made changes in '08 to the exhaust valves. the head size stayed the same but the stem diameter was reduced in an effort to reduce valve weight. intake valves were not changed.

From Panhead & Flathead Site Forum - hydra-glide.com - 04-27-2012

FWIW - I was browsing on the Kibblewhite site and found that they have bronze valve seat inserts in a variety of sizes! It would be interesting to try some in a panhead using the old factory procedure. I may do this...

From Adventure Rider - advrider.com - 04-18-2012

My R75 and R90 both got Black Diamond valves. Some people say they're no good, but the local airhead shop recommends them.

Both bikes got new valves/guides/springs, hardened seats, bead blasted, etc...

From dotheton.com - 03-01-2012

Kibblewhite are probably the best...

From Jason Glazas on Kibblewhite's Facebook Wall - 03-01-2012

Already ordered it. I put your intake valve and spring kit in my 03 crf450 and never touched the valves again, so there was no question what was going in my 07. Your valves are THE fix for Honda valve issues.

From Steven Theis on Kibblewhite's Facebook Wall - 02-2012

when ya wanna go F A S T !!!!!!!!!!!

From v-twinforum.com - 02-29-2012

I ran the 37 cam in my 95" motor with 1.675 ratio rollers with the better Kibblewhite springs meant for up to 0.600" lift, plus their valves and associated hardware. Worked as advertised.

From kawieriders.com - 02-15-2012

x2 on the Black Diamond Kibblewhites. I send alot nitrous through my motor and they have held up great. I adjusted once after install but no problems. !!!!NITROUS BRED AND BOTTLE FED!!!!!! <>< <>< <>< <>< John 3:16

From Mark McGrew of M3 Racing on Kibblewhite's Facebook Wall - 02-14-2012

Best stuff on Earth! M3 Racing has won 5 National Championships with KPMI!

From Sam Key on Kibblewhite's Facebook Wall - 02-2012

You guy's hotting up your bike, these are the people to get in touch with! The best there is anywhere at any price!

From William D'Emilio on Kibblewhite's Facebook Wall - 02-2012

perfect for when life in the fast lane...isn't fast enough !!!!

From Thumpertalk.com - 01-25-2012

Finally got em!!!!! Finally, finally, finally! They arrived yesterday and the appointments been made to have them installed. Quoted for 2 hours labor if I bring my head to the local shop!! Dropping it off Friday morning and suppose to pick it up by Saturday morn at the latest. Can't wait and hope they hold up good like the forum says they will......

iv'e got them in my klx450, stock valves wore out had no more adjustment, so far so good engine runs great

First 4 hours on new valves and bike is running great. First log hop attempted after valve job, bike stood straight up and tried to leave me behind.....

From Ronald Berends on Kibblewhite's Facebook Wall - 01-17-2012

What a great company. I was in need of there valve guide seals for a dual spring setup. But here in the Netherlands, I cannot get them. 1 email later, they are shipping them with no costs at all to me. Now that's what I call service.....

From crfsonly.com Forum - 01-07-2012

...glad to hear your CRF's Only head is providing the durability you expected. all valve components are wear items. none wear at the same rate so this is an excellent question.

your head was built with the best valve components available. we used new Honda cotters, new Kibblewhite springs, retainers, seals and base washers. with this setup we are seeing at least three times the longevity in the Kibblewhite valves.

From dirtbikeworld.net - 01-02-2012

there's a world shortage of pro X valves, so I wouldnt bother trying to compare them. I ordered some kibblewhites today, there is a lot of crf riders that swear by them.

reply ---   Just put kibblewhitwes in mine and 13:5:1 je piston, has way more punch and aparently the best combo from all my research.

From Donald Kunkel on Kibblewhite's Facebook Wall - 01-2012

Great go fast parts keeping my bikes running strong!

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