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Been with @kpmiusa for 6 years and won 5 GNCC national championships! Thank-you!

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The difference is obvious!

You spends tons of time meticulously rebuilding your engine. You take extra care while torqueing your cylinder head bolts with your high dollar Head Gaskets and go fast torque wrench...

Why would you reuse your old basic cylinder studs?

Buell Brothers Racing relies on Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Inc. and you can too.

Drew Woodford

Support the folks who support PRIVATEER racers! 


From Instagram - jcsperformance59   1-5-2022

New kibblewhite valves and new starter.
Ready to get the 450 back together. 

From Facebook - Buell Brothers Racing 02-04-2022

The high revs we pull in Flat Track is inherently hard on motors, so keep it fresh! I always use @kpmiusa valves and springs.
#slammy #kibblewhite

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Upgrade to #kibblewhite springs and retainers in this #kfx450r #kawasaki #bhp2022

All @kpmiusa #kibblewhite hardware on these ported M8 heads. 1.5mm oversize intake valves, .5mm oversize Inconell exhaust valves, bronze guides, .465 lift beehive springs. It's a great setup.
#harleydavidson #milwaukee8

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