Why would you spend big bucks on exhaust, head work, cams, pistons, paint, wheels, etc. and go cheap on the Cylinder Studs that hold all that compression together?
The next time your in the market check out Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Inc. Cylinder Studs.

• Heat treated 180,000 PSI aircraft alloy steel
• Centerless ground to remove material imperfections
• Rolled threads for the strongest threads period
• Black oxide treated for enhanced corrosion resistance

KPMI Cylinder Studs are made from 180,000 psi yield strength, fine grain, heat treated, aircraft grade alloy steel. When you want a stud that meets proof-stress and maximizes clamping force, look no further. KPMI “rolls” the threads, heat treats and then centerless grinds the entire body of the stud. Rolling the threads creates the toughest and strongest thread possible and centerless grinding removes notch sensitivity. The final process for all KPMI Studs is to encase the entire stud with premium corrosion resistant treatment of Black Oxide.

During your next engine rebuild, choose a stud that meets and exceeds your stock-replacement of high-performance needs!

We trust Kibblewhite Precision Machining and you can too.

From Instagram - jcsperformance59   1-15-2021

Installing over size valves on the twin cam 107 motor build. You can see the difference between the stock and the over size Kibblewhite precision machining valve. @kpmiusa Using a larger diameter valve head let's more fuel and air in the chamber. Creating a bigger explosion. And making more horse power. 

From Instagram - andrews.motorsports 09-21-2021

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​Getting some heads ready for a fresh set of Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Inc. Valves and Valve Springs.
It's a good thing the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials don't start until the 28th!

From Facebook / Instagram - Alp Racing & Design 04-18-2021

​Done!! Lots of machining and brazing.. Pre-'56 Vintage class Triumph pre-unit cyl. head for one of the engines I'm building for the upcoming lsr season. Redesigned ports with 6mm valves, Titanium Retainers, beehive springs...
Thank you Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Inc.

From Facebook - Ward Performance 03-26-2021


Andrews Motorsports is proud to work with @kpmiusa for our valve train parts. If you need something- head to our website. Link in bio!!

From Facebook - Buell Brothers Racing 08-12-2021

Getting ready for the 2021 xda race season.
Get all your valve train parts from Kibblewhite.
Here’s some valves going in our pro street heads.

From Facebook / Instagram -Buell Brothers Racing 03-24-2021

I’d like to say a huge thanks to Will at Kibblewhite Precision Machining.  We were in desperate need of parts to complete some rush jobs for our customers.  I talked to Will at noon yesterday; he pulled guys off jobs to custom make our parts; he shipped them overnight; and this morning we are assembling cylinder heads to ship out this afternoon.  Who does that?  Better yet, who even has the capabilities?  Kibblewhite continues to amaze me!  I could not ask for a better supplier, especially in these trying times.

To say we are busy is an understatement!  I have not posted anything for a while so here are a few shop photos.  At last count we had 198 sets of heads to CNC port, and 40 manifolds.  We are trying our best to get work out the door in a timely manner.  Thank you to all our customers for trusting us with your build – we really appreciate you!

From Facebook - Justin Shakir 03-25-2021