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From Instagram- dirtyderz 11-8-2018

Thing of beauty! Freshly machined head for a #Suzuki #drz400sm loaded with all the #kibblewhite goodies. Dual valve springs, titanium retainers, and black diamond stainless valves 

From Instagram- classicbritishspares 09-25-2018

Working on getting these lifters in proper order. I always check each lifter to ensure they are round and true. Tappet blocks by #kibblewhite #classicbritishspares #cbsparts

From Instagram-  leif_racing 08-05-2018

Just a little narrower on the tappet! Bronze guides by kibblewhite, excellent quality. #kibblewhitevalves #triumphpreunit#preunit

From Motosport.com-  Foothillbillie 04-27--2018

Third bike I’ve been running kibblewhite valve train not afraid of over revving or valve floating dual spring is twice oe and trust it won’t fall I don’t do Baja but run hair scrambles as hard as I can and bike last longer than meet

From Motosport.com-  DirtBikeKid 02-27-2018

Worked Great. We’re good valves lasted a good amount of time and are very nice for the price.