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From Facebook - Rick Ward 04-23-2020

I’d like to say thank you to Will Kibblewhite and the great people at Kibblewhite Precision Machining. While I have and do work with a lot of great vendors, I have never had a relationship like I now have with Kibblewhite. They are willing to listen to my ideas, make changes to the parts where I see fit, and bend over backwards to do everything to fulfill my orders to the exact specifications I give them. In a time where companies are cutting corners, sending out subpar parts, not meeting deadlines, and jacking up the prices, that is not the case with Kibblewhite. They have an exceptional standard of excellence that I very much appreciate. If you haven’t yet, give them a try, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

From Instagram- buellbrothersracing 03-06-2020

When you're in the market for valvetrain components, do your engine a favor and buy the best.
Whether you call them directly, on line, or go through your local shop, demand @kpmiusa Kibblewhite!

This year all our our race engines will be bless with Kibblewhite Performance and reliability.

Support the folks who support PRIVATEER racers!
Kibblewhite does.

​From Facebook-Marius van der Zijden 03-02-2020

And we are proud to run your products and rely on your valve-train expertise.

​From Facebook-Ian King 03-02-2020

Indeed we are honored to be associated with the best in the business!


From Sammy Halbert, Flat Track Champion and X-Game Gold Medalist Chooses Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Inc.  - 06-18-2020

From Instagram grodys_spot 11-2-2020

Got rid of that valve train noise from the last post! Had to adjust the valves into Honda specifications with the new Kibblewhite valve springs and titanium seats! She’s a lot more quiet now!

From Facebook - John Mercier 07-15-2020

I’ve got kibble white valves in my 05 crf 450 with lots of hard hours with zero issues.

From Instagram  jupeys_moto_life 6-22-2020

How good is a refreshed cylinder head 🤟 thanks to @qikiXX46 from Gilbert’s cylinder head service for getting them ready and installing #kibblewhitevalves stainless intake valves for easier maintenance and reliability over the original titanium setup these 450’s are going to be mint! Keen as for first start up