From - 04-27-2014

I went and installed a kibblewhite valves/spring kit and never had an issue. In the short term and the long run, the aftermarket outlasted the oem.


 As always a good product from Kibblewhite all our motors both English and American now get Kibblewhite Valves.


From - 03-20-2014

Bike has done 120hrs just had a fresh genuine top end, new Kibblewhite inlet kit seats cut to suit, clearances spot on.
It is smooth I just want it perfect. Its a nice bike far far better than it was, rode a mates 2013 YZ450 and mine is every bit as good without the wheel spin in the top end. He was shocked at the X.


From - 02-15-2014

Worked as intended (for 2009 YAMAHA YZ450F)
Comes packaged nicely. Labeled and marked clearly.



 Nice bushings fitted well.


From - 01-2-2014

Great kit, installed into a crf250x with no issues hopefully will last for a long time. Very complete kit packaged well and each item was individually bagged.

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