From Yuri Barrigan's Facebook Wall - 11-16-2015

I see, Well. just for the record KPMI valvetrain was in the First Yamaha 450F Single Cylinder Supermoto in Isle of Man History to Qualify AND Finish a race.. It should be a testament to the product reliability. The Engines ran HUNDREDS of Miles at WOT.. imagine the bike running for 27 minutes and 13 of those a WOT.. A 450 single was not designed for that and I truly believe that OEM components would have failed the test.

From Franz And Grubb Engine's Facebook Wall - 09-29-2015

This is the tip of an "English made" valve after approximately ONE mile. The manufacturer must have forgot the heat treatment, or it was not done to save money. Either way this is a dangerous product and an expensive repair. Maybe this is why we sell so many Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Inc. products.


 Standard Cast Iron Exhaust Valve Guide for Ironhead XL - "perfect stock replacement"

From - 09-16-2015

Bike runs great with new valves. Perfect fit.

From - 02-19-2015

Mostly I just want the kibblewhites put in for less frequent valve checks.


Great product! All four springs measured the same loaded pressure straight from the box, no shimming required. Good, tight seal on all valves with the oil seals. Couldn't be happier .

From - 02-08-2015

I put a Kibblewhite stainless valve train in the old CRF. Still going strong. An '02 MX bike that got ridden, a LOT!

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